10-inch by 13-inch underwater ocean framed art of California Garibaldi with air floating double black mat, black and white metallic print and sleek black frame arrives ready to hang


  • Large format black and white metallic photograph of a Garibaldi fish swimming quickly through the water
  • Double black mat paired with sleek black frame to bring out the beautiful black and white photograph
  • Hardware included with frame arrives ready to display


Subject: Garibaldi, Hypsypops rubicundus


Name: Let's Go!


Location: Oil Platform Eureka, Long Beach, CA


Description: The playful Garibaldi and its unmistakable orange color are a staple to the waters of California. They feed on small invertebrates that also live near shore and in kelp forests. They are very territorial and often confrontational to others of their species and even human visitors making seals and sea lions their only main predators. It is said that a female chooses her nesting site by how "well-maintained" a male fish has kept his potential nesting site. Once a female makes her choice, she deposits her eggs in the nest for the male to fertilize. He then guards the nest until the fish hatch. A full grown Garibaldi has been recorded to grow up to 17-inches in length.


Shipping Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 4 x 22 in
Art Name

Let's Go!

Easel Included


Photo Orientation


Paper Type


Photo Type


Number of Pieces


Print Size

10" x 13"

Product Size

16" x 20"

Product Weight

4.13 lbs

Contemporary 10x13 Framed Ocean Décor of Garibaldi

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